Who do you think you are?

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Each of us experiences the world from a self-comparative standpoint. What makes me short or tall is the height of others. What makes me rich or poor is the wealth of others. Comparison turns us into the center of the world and the world then is experienced through a self-centered perspective. Everything above our norm is exaggerated and everything below our norm is insufficient. Thus, we can say that taking “motivation” as an example, those who are less motivated than us are unmotivated and those who are more motivated than us are obsessed! Everything is experienced from the perspective of the self, my-self. Our personal experience becomes the scale and the norm which judges everything and everyone. But the saddest part of this story is that in this rather unconscious (and why not say “mad”) process of letting  the ego rule our human existence, we become so outwardly focused that we only know ourselves superficially. This rings true to all of us who are not awakened – and none of us is fully awakened. No one on Earth is fully awakened to its essence as an individual expression of consciousness in resonance with an unimaginable myriad of other consciousness in the cosmos.  No one is fully awakened to the secrets of the universe, its origin and destiny. So, if you think of yourself as a sole expression of light, pause and think twice, think harder and deeper. Do you really think you know who you are? Are you really able to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes?


Unless we strive to deliberately learn who we are, not by comparison with others or who we think we ought to be from the standpoint of our current society, but through an internal journey into the consciousness that expresses itself through “me”, we cannot implement meaningful awakening. Please note this last statement to its fullest extent.  We cannot know ourselves through comparison with others. We cannot implement self-actualization by simply reprogramming social masks. There is no by-passing in the process of spiritual discovery, no written recipe, and no easy path! You can be in harmony when meditating alone on top of a mountain, but can you keep this harmony while living your life in society? Are you present and mindful when the world around you doesn’t seem to behave as you’d like it to do? When I was a young teenager I used to think who I would be if born in a different time or different country. Who would I be if I was born in India or Africa 300 years ago or 300 years from now? Which values would I defend? What would I give my life for? Would I support equal rights to all human beings? Would I defend and practice fraternity? Would I stand for justice and righteousness? To what extent can I claim to “have” those values? Are all of them inherent to my consciousness and incorruptible to the point they would be expressed in any condition, time or place? To what extent I am the result of a superficial re-programming that I have made to socially adapt to the environment where I currently express myself? Who am I… what is my essence? If you don’t know yours, then how can say you are awakened?


Why are you up day in day out?

What are you after? What do you seek?

What prevents you from being happy?

What prevents you from being free?

There are no victims, but sleepwalkers living their own nightmares.

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