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The Academy Fraternitatem is an environment of co-creation to the New Earth, serving as a link between all those who feel called to undertake a new life reality in personal, community and planetary spheres.

We are preparing for a New World where fraternity is definitevely present in our daily lives. A free, egalitarian and happy world. A world in which we are not numbers and statistics. A world where we challenge all paradigms of what it means to be human. A more conscious world, an autonomous world.

Why Academy?

The term "academy" comes from the philosophical school founded by Plato in Ancient Greece. Currently, it designates institutions dedicated to higher education, namely artistic, literary, physical, scientific and philosophical. The term also refers to associations of scientists, scholars or artists.

The Academy Fraternitatem is a co-creation environment to the New Earth. Aimed at the study and entrepreneurship of a new planetary reality, it is an academy because it is intended for the exchange of advanced knowledge. It is an academy for doing it through a model of fraternal collaboration where everyone's calling and experiences catalyze the construction of a New Earth.

Why Fraternitatem?

We believe that fraternity should be exercised constantly and lucidly in all areas of life. Our present day world is characterized by a large sum of people in need who depend on the charity of a few. Changing this scenario involves forging an equitable and fraternal world, where everyone contribute to each other's growth. In this context, everyone give and everyone receive, making autonomous collaboration a new model of life.

Because it serves as a link between morally conscious individuals, The Academy Fraternitatem is fraternal in its essence.

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